Privacy Policy

Collection of information

The collection and processing of personal information is necessary in order to proceed with the duties of preventing Money Laundering and Financing (BCFT) before starting a business relationship. The lack of this information may prevent or delay the completion of the contractual relationship.
We may also collect additional information about you, directly or indirectly, through official sources of public information or private databases and specialized in BCFT matters, for the purpose of validating or updating existing data, or for the purpose of verifying your information. risk profile.

How we use your personal information and what are the legal bases:

The personal data collected and processed by the Management Company will be used:
a) For the purpose of managing the contractual relationship based on the performance of the contract;
b) For the purpose of assessing credit risk and good collection of amounts due under the contract based on the pursuit of legitimate interests;
c) In order to assess and manage BCFT risk and to make the necessary mandatory communications to the respective official entities when necessary, based on compliance with legal obligations;
d) Insula does not use automated decisions in the internal analysis of personal data.

Your rights regarding your personal data

You can request access to your personal data and promote its rectification, which the Management Company will carry out as soon as possible. You may, under the terms of articles 17 to 21 of the GDPR, oppose the treatment of your personal data, limit its use, request its erasure or ask us to share that data with other organizations in a structured format for current use and automatic reading. To exercise the rights indicated, please inform us through the contacts indicated in point 8. Insula is committed to collaborating in the search for the best and fairest resolutions for complaints regarding the processing of personal data that it may have submitted. If you believe that the Management Company was not competent to resolve the complaints presented, you have the right to submit the
complaint to the competent supervisory authority – National Data Protection Commission.

Share of information

As a rule, Insula does not transfer or share with third parties (other than service providers acting under our guidance and responsibility), relating to personal data, unless required to do so by legal and regulatory requirements. Insula may subcontract service providers for situations in which this issue exists or that it considers to be of added value (for example companies that carry out the Identification and Due Diligence procedure (in whole or in part) under the BCFT prevention law). This prerogative implies the need to share information regarding personal data. Insula will take all necessary measures to ensure that service providers offer all guarantees of safeguarding, security and confidentiality of the personal data shared and act exclusively in accordance with instructions addressed to it by this Management Company.

Security of personal data

Insula guarantees the use of the appropriate techniques, organizational and security measures to protect personal information by preventing its loss, misuse, alteration or destruction, ensuring its integrity, availability and confidentiality. For this, all employees are required to keep personal data confidential. Only
personnel authorized and linked to the duty of secrecy and confidentiality should have access to this information.

Retention of personal data

Your data will be kept for the period strictly necessary for the purposes of its processing or by legal or regulatory determination. During the retention period, integrity and access to data are guaranteed.

Transfer of information

Insula’ main information support systems are hosted on servers located in Portugal, with no data transfer
outside the country.

Our contacts

  • For any questions related to the processing of your personal data, please contact us:
  • Address: Av. Da Liberdade, 190, 3.ºA, 1250-147 Lisboa
  • Mobile: +351 211 390 606
  • Email:

Changes to the privacy notice

You can always request a copy of this privacy notice, using the contacts above. Insula may modify the privacy notice.