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Transaction Management

At Insula, we have a track record of creating recurring unconditional transactions. Our real estate team provide a deep understanding of assets and a proven methodology that maximises value for our clients.

Each proposal has to meet a rigid set of rules before it is considered. We carry out extensive deal analysis and due diligence for each transaction, providing comfort to clients.


Due Diligence

Investment Strategy | 2

Fund Management

We set-up and manage collective investment vehicle leveraging our experience, full time dedication, and risk management practices.
We manage Venture Capital Funds, Real Estate Investment Fund and Real Estate Investment Company. We assist investors in identifying and analyzing the most efficient investment structures from a tax payment perspective and increasing of IRR, NPV, and ROI.


Structuring Funds
Asset Management
Performance Delivery

Investment Strategy | 3

Corporate Management

We are responsible for identifying investment opportunities, innovative business models those with the potential to generate high returns on investment for the funds.


Allocation of the capital to investment companies and build the portfolio;
Management of the portfolio and providing the necessary resources to the investment firm;
Increase the odds of a profitable exit;
Exit strategy.

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Asset Management

At Insula, we have acquired vast knowledge and experience in the asset management of diversified typologies of real estate assets. We are able to develop business plans and unlock value either through letting, refurbishment or development. Each service is tailor-made to the specific needs of the asset and the investors.

We are able to offer our clients a strategic approach in relation to the asset, providing risk-control actions and offering a strong return on investment while minimising costs.


Business Plan
Tenant Mix

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Project Management

We provide real estate development solutions to investors through a wide package of services encompassing licensing and urban planning, development coordination and project management.


Green field/development/refurbishment:
concept design, licensing, build, sale or lease;
best use approach and implement architectural and construction solutions to restructure real estate asset.

Florence Ricou


We provide a full suite of
services to ensure the success
of our clients.

We provide a full suite of services to ensure the success of our clients.